Count down to York: Luddites 2013

Four days to go! Join us this Saturday…all welcome, no need to book.

1300-1500: Talks at The Guildhall, St Helen’s Square, York

Katrina Navickas (University of Hertfordshire): Luddites in the landscape: defending custom, community, and common law
Malcolm Chase (University of Leeds): Political prisoners at York Castle: a broader perspective
Alan Brooke (Huddersfield Local History Society): The legacy of Luddism

This is a major opportunity to hear three great speakers give a different view than the idea that Luddism was some sort of backward-looking movement, violently opposed to technological progress. The Luddite movement will be set in its wider historical context as part of the quest of working people for freedom and justice. There will be a chance for questions and discussion and a bookstall by the Huddersfield Local History Society. Entry is free but there will be a collection to cover the costs of the room and speakers. Everyone welcome.

1545-1630: Assembly and procession to the site of the executions at York Castle

After the meeting we will gather outside in St Helen’s Square before processing to York Castle. We will be carrying candles and placards with the names of those executed and wearing white armbands in their memory. When we reach the site of the execution at York Castle there will be a short commemorative event and a memorial will be left at the site. Everyone welcome.


4 thoughts on “Count down to York: Luddites 2013

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