Buy York: A Walk on the Wild Side

The front cover of Paul Furness' new pamphlet

The front cover of Paul Furness’ new pamphlet

York’s Alternative History are very proud to launch Paul Furness’ York: A Walk on the Wild Side based on walks Paul has run over the past couple of years. For a taster see this Guardian Northern blog.

In the author’s words:

Even Guy Fawkes has to shout to get himself heard in York and, to add insult to injury, he’s not in this little book either – which makes the point that what is left out of York’s rich history may be more relevant than what gets included in the “official version” that brands this tourist town a must visit experience. Within these pages you’ll find the story of the York “they” don’t want to tell you about – because it doesn’t fit the heritage image which has been invented for the express purpose of shopping! What you are about to read is none of that. Here are tales of riot, rebellion and revolution, music, poets, football and beer along with fights for women’s rights and Gay Liberation – just the story of another Friday night in York in fact!

Free PDF.

Beautifully designed and printed hard copies are also available. Either pay via cheque or pay pal.

By PayPal: Add you address via PayPal to be posted the book. We can only sell the book for £5 each over the website (not for the multiple copies deal below).
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By Post: Price £5 incl. p. and p. for single copies; £9 for 2; £12 for 3. Please send cheques, payable to ‘York Workshops’ (WOWS), to York Workshops, 8 Galtres Grove, York, YO30 8RG

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