Politics, protest and activism in York today

Defend Our NHS York
Defend Our NHS York, a very active group of concerned citizens and health care professionals who are joining the massive UK effort to protect the UK’s most loved and valued institution, the National Health Service, from a grim privatisation by the Con-Dem coalition. See our website for upcoming meetings – we welcome new faces!

York Stop the Cuts
We are York’s local anti-cuts group. We campaign on a range of issues, both local and national, where we feel the government is cutting public services, or privatising them. We are a loose collection of local people, from a broad spectrum of society: young and old, party affiliated and non-party political, employed, unemployed and students. Together we organise and run campaigns. We also support other local groups who campaign on similar issues, such as Defend Our NHS York and York Welfare Campaign.

York Against the War
We are a local group, politically independent, but affiliated to the Stop the War coalition. We oppose the so called “war on terror”, not out of any support for terrorists, but because tackling terror by pre-emptive war, destroying innocent lives and societies is illegal and is bound to be counter-productive. York Against the War hold a stall in Parliament Street, Saturdays from 1 to 3pm, where people can sign various petitions and obtain up to date informative literature. We arrange meetings, day schools, debates, film shows, vigils and demonstrations. Planning meetings are held twice a month – all very welcome.

York Welfare Campaign
York Welfare Campaign campaign against cuts to welfare provision, benefits, social housing, disability and youth services and more. We are affiliated to York Stop the Cuts (http://yorkstopthecuts.wordpress.com/) and hold regular meetings every two weeks – all very welcome indeed!

And more to come…if you want your group listed contact us.

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