A permanent plaque for York’s LGBT History? Call for ideas


Following LGBT History Month 2017 and the third Rainbow Plaques event, York LGBT History Month, York’s Alternative History, York LGBT Forum and York Civic Trust  are working together to identify Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans histories that can be commemorated with a York Civic Trust permanent plaque.

We are starting this with an open call for ideas. Everyone is welcome to contribute. You can make a suggestion via this websurvey.

Plaques can commemorate people, places, organizations or events. The criteria are:

·      If it is a person, that they are dead and have been influential.

·      If it is a place, organization or event, that it was significant.

However, these criteria are flexible. We’re expecting lots of different types of arguments for why someone might have been influential or why a place, organization or event was significant.

For inspiration:

York Civic Trust plaques

York’s DIY Rainbow Plaques

LGBT linked plaques in London

This is how the process will work. We’d like to invite you to get involved: to generate lots of ideas, to debate and discuss the process, to make a final decision and to get the first plaque up.

June   Open call for ideas
August     Event where the ideas are discussed and a list is prepared for final vote
August                 Vote to determine an order of priorities
September                 Announce the priority list and begin working on first LBGT plaque.

The first plaque will be supported by the York Civic Trust City Enhancement Fund.

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