Find out what York: A Walk on the Wild Side is really about

Free PDF of York: A Walk on the Wild Side

The front cover of Paul Furness' new pamphlet

The front cover of Paul Furness’ new pamphlet

Following a wide range of press coverage this week in York Press and BBC Radio York – and some misunderstandings of the aims and content of Paul’s York: A Walk on the Wild Side book – we’ve decided the best thing is to make available freely the PDF. So if you’re interested in finding out what Paul’s really saying, then read away!

Some of the debate has been fair enough. Paul’s argument is that York’s official representations haven’t always celebrated and brought to life the richer and less marketable histories. And we’re not scared of the debate, after all the point of York’s Alternative History has always been to do cultural politics; to tell lots of different stories about the city’s past so that the future can be ours for the making. It’s been great to see that Paul’s work has done that job so well.

Beautifully designed and printed hard copies also still available. Either pay via cheque or pay pal.

By PayPal: Add you address via PayPal to be posted the book. We can only sell the book for £5 each over the website (not for the multiple copies deal below).
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By Post: Price £5 incl. p. and p. for single copies; £9 for 2; £12 for 3. Please send cheques, payable to ‘York Workshops’ (WOWS), to York Workshops, 8 Galtres Grove, York, YO30 8RG

3 thoughts on “Find out what York: A Walk on the Wild Side is really about

  1. The walks I went on were always a revelation. I will be sending for a paid copy rather than downloading the PDF, but that is a great idea to get the arguments going. The fact that the media have picked up on it locally can only be a good thing and proves the point that there are multitudes of other histories in York (and everywhere else) that tend to be ignored by academic historians and even more so by the ‘heritage industry’ with its narrow, dumbed-down, cash driven focus. Keep it up!

    • Hi Coral, unfortunately due to a coding issue between PayPal and drop down menus with various options aren’t possible. If you want to buy multiple copies for our advertised ‘deal’ (2 for £9 etc) then it’ll need to be via cheque through the post, I’m afraid. Thanks so much for your interest in Paul’s book! Helen

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