Personal Stories: an interview with local activist Nick Smith part 3

Here is part three of the interview I gave to Helen Graham on 15th March 2012 (part one and part two).

In this part I discuss the politics of working with people with learning disabilities, getting involved in the York activist scene (in particular York Stop the Cuts), the University of York occupation in December 2010, consensus decision making, solidarity and pacifism.

To listen click the link below:

2 thoughts on “Personal Stories: an interview with local activist Nick Smith part 3

  1. Another interesting discussion! The talk about the ‘good feeling’ you had after the initial anti-cuts meeting and the consensus stuff at the Uni reminds me of David Graeber’s short talk at TED, ‘The possibility of political pleasure’:

    The issue of the block in consensus decision making is always controversial. As I understand it (from reading, all the stuff I’m involved in just uses majority voting) a block is only meant to be made when a decision infringes on an individual’s principles to the extent that if they didn’t block it they’d feel compelled to leave the meeting/group. If it is completely out of touch with the opinions of everyone else then a vote can be carried out with something like a 2/3 or high majority baseline around that particular issue – is that what you meant by the 2/3 thing at large Occupy groups?

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