What is publicly commemorated in York? (And what isn’t?)


In preparation for York: Luddites 2013 on 19th January we’re doing a little audit of what people, places, events, happenings and activities are publicly commemorated in York – as a way of drawing attention to what isn’t.

As we learned on Paul Furness’ A Walk through Radical York, what is left out of York’s public history includes where Percy Shelley lived (the Orange Shop on Coney Street), where the suffragettes met (on the top floor of the building next to the Blue Fly cafe) and where the York Chartists drank (down Fossgate) – as well as where the Luddites were executed 200 years ago this coming January.

If you’re out and about in York of the next few weeks and spot any plaques or memorials, then post the images here or on our facebook page. Be good to be sure what York does commemorated so we can begin the make the case for some alternative additions to the civic display of our history and heritage.


2 thoughts on “What is publicly commemorated in York? (And what isn’t?)

  1. I’ve added a few more, viewable on the same link, from photos taken for the website over the years, though not all were included, so it’s good to have them grouped at last, and I’m glad they might be of use. There are of course many many more, Civic Trust ones in particular, they have a list on their website: http://yorkcivictrust.co.uk/?idno=764

    Also there’s the website Open Plaques, which includes many of (most of?) the plaques in the city: http://openplaques.org/places/gb/areas/york

    Certainly a thought-provoking subject, who is commemorated, and why. Will be following the project with interest.

    And don’t forget the statues!: http://www.yorkstories.co.uk/news_and_views/index.php/2012/07/20/up-on-a-plinth-yorks-statues/

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