Awake for the Luddites!

York Alternative History will wind up a year of events commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Luddites with a ‘wake’, upstairs at the Black Swan Inn, Peasholme Green, York, on Saturday, 19 January 2013. Doors will be open from 7.30 and we will start at 8 and finish about 11.

The Luddites are gone, but we are still here and, like them, we have a vision for a better world. So let’s celebrate! We will set out the room with chairs and tables, pub fashion, with a small stage area. There will be no microphones or amplifiers. We are loud enough without. MC for the evening will be Martin Bashforth, reprising an ancient role from folk club organising days.

So far we have performers with radical songs of all sorts, folksongs from the Durham coalfields, feminist readings and music from a guitar and cello duo. We would like many more acts to help things go with a swing. We want singers, musicians, poets, stand-up comics, clog-dancers, jugglers and other entertainers, people to do readings to entertain and inspire us, re-charge our batteries and celebrate York Alternative History’s first birthday. You don’t have to be a professional or a genius. This is a chance to have fun, just when you thought the fun was all over. So volunteer yourselves and press-gang your mates to get involved. Send a text with offers and contact details to Martin on 0781 704 5297.


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